Caretaking/Housesitting/Petsitting/B & B Assisting at various locations in Europe and the United States:

London, England (various assignments); West Point Military Academy, New York (various/recurring assignments); Moultonboro, New Hampshire; Tyrellspass, Ireland (recurring assignment); Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; Floyd, Virginia (recurring assignment); Clevedon, England; Rockville, Maryland; St. Die, France (recurring assignment); Monteleone, Italy;  Tenafly, New Jersey (recurring assignment);  Abergaveeny, Wales; Clonikilty, Ireland (recurring assignment); and more.

Open to world-wide locations - recurring assignments welcome

Profiled in Caretaker Gazette by Gary Dunn, May/June 2005  - Read Article

- Sunday Tribune (Ireland), article by June Edwards, 18 May 2008 - "Randy Mayer, a 53 year old American is a seasoned house-sitter having had placements caring for a family home in New Jersey, a bed & breakfast in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, a house in the wine region of France, along with two stints in Ireland."  

- LifeTimes article by Cindy Richards, March/April 2008  - " Randy Mayer, 52...has cared for cats and dogs in houses from New Jersey to Ireland." 

- London Financial Times article by Belinda Archer, 15 December 2006 -
“Randy Mayer…works full-time but is able to take several weeks off between postings. He fills them with house-sitting around the world and has so far stayed in Italy, Ireland, Wales and France as well as various locations throughout the US. “I’ve got the travel bug and house- sitting allows me to explore new areas and keep expenses down,” he says. “I enjoy it for the opportunity to experience new places.”

- article by Emily Lambert, 8 August 2005 -
“It helps to be flexible and start small. Randy D. Mayer, an activity coordinator for the U.S. Army in Germany, is taking short-term jobs and building up a résumé and contacts. In April he spent ten days caring for an empty house in France. He wasn't paid, although the home owner did purchase food for him to eat. In May he spent ten days at a country house in Wales.”

- Time Magazine article by Sally S. Stich, 15 August 2005 -
“Randy Mayer, 49, who works full time for the U.S. Army in Germany and caretakes during his vacations, maintains a long list of contacts so if one job falls through he can quickly line up another.”

My housesitting/petsitting/caretaking interest is driven by my interest and experiences in travel,
so if instead of or in addition to a housesitter/petsitter/caretaker you need a Travel Companion, Personal Tour Planner or Private Concierge - contact me.   See the best of London Theater, explore the grandeur of Alaska, discover Europe in (pick a number) days, immerse yourself in the Hawaiian Islands, hike the awe inspiring trails of the Alps, or canoe the Boundary Waters on the Canadian border.  All of these are trips that I’ve done several times and would be glad to assist you.

Served as an IATA Certified Travel Office Manager for seven years, planning coordinating and conducting individual and group tours in Europe

Earned Air, Land, Cruise Certification from the American Society of Travel Agents

Served as a Tour Guide, planning and leading tours to Holland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

My personal travel in Europe includes spending several weeks exploring each of the following countries: Greece, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy.

References upon request.

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